What follows is not a complete listing of all the books Terry has written over the past 35 years, but it does include his most researched and popular books. There is an ongoing process of reviewing the thousands of pages he has written from past newsletters and other publications throughout Caritas’ history to make them accessible to today’s readers, as the potency of his writings only increase with age as they are timeless.

What follows is a partial list. More books are being added.


Words from Heaven

Words from Heaven

Terry put together the first, and most-complete English version of the Medjugorje messages. Now, in its 20th edition, Words from Heaven is still to most complete published collection of the messages of Medjugorje which exists.


Words from Heaven


Whose Opinion is Right and The Painful Truth

Whose Opinion is Right?

In 1992, Terry wrote one of the most compelling short books about marriage and relative truth.


Whose Opinion is Right and The Painful Truth


I See Far

I See Far

In 1994, Terry broke open a remarkable discovery about television and its effect on society.


I See Far

How to Change Your Husband (1995)

Fasting (1997)

Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping (2008)

It Ain’t Gonna Happen: A Return to Truth (2011)

They Fired the First Shot 2012 (2012)

The Nine Days Before Christmas Novena (2014)

Medjugorje Prepare the World for My Final Coming (2017)

Big Q Little Q: the Calm Before the Storm (2019)

The Corona Vision (2020)

The David Answer (2020)

Has satan Pulled Another One on You (2020)

Short Books:

World War I, World War II, War of the World’s III (1989)

The Fruits of Love (1990)

The Plan of Our Lady Against satan (1990)

A Blessing to Help Save the World (1991)

Changing History (1991)

In Front of the Crucifix with Our Lady (1991)

Medjugorje the Fulfillment of all Marian Apparitions (1991)

satan Wants to Destroy Medjugorje (1991)

We are Under Judgement (1991)

Understanding Our Lady’s Messages (1991)

What It Means to be Chosen by God (1992)

American History You Never Learned (1993)

Have You Become Complacent? (1993)

How the Early Church Learned (1993)

Little Things Make Us Able to Do Great Things (1993)

Our Lady’s Formula for Victory: Pray, Pray, Pray (1993)

Some Remarkable Things about Our Lady’s Messages (1993)

What Do We Do Now? (1993)

Modesty (1994)

The Importance of Motherhood (1994)

Fallen Field Angel (1995)

God Had to Act (1995)

I Don’t Have to Go to Medjugorje—Why You Must Go to Medjugorje (1996)

Medjugorje, Mirjana and A Mystery Revealed (1996)

Patriotic Rosary (1996)

Too Much Mary Too Much Medjugorje (1996)

A New Ark (1997)

Entering a New Time (1997)

So, You’re Waiting for Church Approval (1997)

Thy Will Be Done and Hand to the Plow (1997)

Treasure Chest (1997)

A Time for Decision (1998)

Don’t Tell Me What To Do: For Hearts Whose Tendencies are Rebellious (1998)

Readying for the Storm (1998)

Spanning 2000 Years of Christian History (1998)

As Go God’s People So Go the World (1999)

Live the Profoundness of the Messages I Give (1999)

Is Our Lady Calling You? (1999)

Noah…Noah is that Thunder I Hear? (1999)

On the Side of Angels (1999)

Confession of a Big Sin (2000)

When You Decide for Change (2000)

You Have Been Called (2000)

Our Lady’s 7 Steps to Set the Captives Free (2001)

Twenty Years of Apparitions (2001)

August 5th—What are You Doing for Our Lady’s Birthday? (2002)

Calling on Heaven (2002)

I Don’t Like My Cross (2002)

Who’s Driving? (2002)

Dixie (2003)

 A Special Gift for You from Heaven (2004)

Crisis-Discipline (2004)

Surrender Your Problems to Me (2004)

Two Americas (2004)

Be Strong Do Not Relax (2005)

I Desire to Keep on Giving You Messages (2005)

Something in the Air (2005)

Why So Many Disasters? (2005)

Judge with Right Judgement (2006)

Seize the Moment (2006)

What is the devil’s government? (2006)

Declaration of a Showdown (2007)

When Troubles Befall You How to Correct Them (2007)

You See for Yourselves (2007)

I’ll Play My Drum for Him (2008)

Our Lady Says What to do with Your Fear, Pain, Suffering and Disappointment (2008)

Simple Moments are Often our Greatest Moments (2008)

Will You be an Apostle? (2008)

Heaven, Purgatory and hell (2009)

What in the World is Medjugorje? (2009)

Are You Changing? (2010)

Didn’t Anyone Ever Tell You (2010)

Clear the Way (2010)

Forget What is Personal…Think of What is of God (2010)

What Will Your Future Look Like? (2010)

Will You Miss Out on the Second Greatest Moment in Time? (2010)

Witnessing the Death of Civilization (2010)

30 Years of Apparitions (2011)

54 Day Rosary Novena (2011)

I Am Here; You Decide (2011)

It was September 4, 2012 (2012)

Learning How to Die (2012)

What Colors Mixed Make Grey? (2012)

Do Not Be Afraid for Yourself (2013)

Be Warned (2013)

Do Not Forget What is Most Important (2013)

Futurelessness (2013)

Judging: Five Phases Walking into Perdition (2013)

The Secret (2013)

The Sin of Waiting (2013)

Two Paths (2013)

Was Jesus Controversial? (2013)

You Cannot Spread Medjugorje (2013)

Bishops Imprudent Prudence (2014)

I Beg to Differ (2014)

Sensus Fidelium (2014)

While the World Crashes in Shambles (2014)

Why Do You Not Love Yourself? (2014)

Burned Out (2015)

I Have Chosen You (2015)

Ten Facts (2015)

The Convergence for a Perfect Storm (2015)

We Must Go to a Higher Truth (2015)

An Answer to an Age-Old Riddle (2016)

Erase It (2016)

Hope Make It So (2016)

Lighthouse (2016)

The Battle Within (2016)

The Evening World News (2016)

The Love of God the Creator (2016)

The Middle Ground is Disappearing (2016)

Your Voice (2016)

2017 The Big Year (2017)

From Out of the Fog (2017)

At the Dawn of Our Lady’s Century (2017)

gods vs. God and where there is Love there is Pain  (2017)

Harboring Anger and Resentment will Eat You Up (2017)

Medjugorje the Last Stand (2017)

One Must Read Them (2017)

Out of Division Comes Unity (2017)

The Truth About Saving the World (2017)

What is the Most Important Part of Medjugorje? (2017)

Where Weakness Begins (2017)

Will You Unhandcuff Our Lady? (2017)

A Lesson in Love (2018)

Apostles of the Revelation (2018)

Are You a Dot or a Line? (2018)

Do You Have Our Lady in a Little Box Mentality? (2018)

It’s Dark Outside (2018)

Most Direly (2018)

Never in History (2018)

Power of Words Bring Down Empires (2018)

Teaching us to Fight, in Humility (2018)

Why Speak Less Amidst Scandal? (2018)

Get Out of the Holding Pattern (2019)

God’s Counter-Measure to satan’s Century (2019)

Joseph’s Advice to Jesus (2019)

Matters of First Importance (2019)

The Moon Shot (2019)

Through Glasses (2019)

What is the Purpose of Life? (2019)

Breakdown (2020)

The Eyes of Darkness (2020)

The Plan for Nonbelievers from Dark to Light (2020)